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Lyrics - Never Bet The Devil Your Head

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All songs by Subrosa. ©1997 Subversa (ASCAP).
World's Greatest Lover Top
Wouldn't want to hurt you baby
You're the world's greatest lover
wouldn't want to flirt but maybe
Tease your world famous other
everybody knows you in spite of me
and everybody digs it when you're lazy
I've had my adrenalectomy
Here comes the poppies again
the witches' narcolepsy
O.K. I'll sleep to be me
Apathy is spread like rabies
my cytomegalovirus
learn to flaunt the burden baby
america's lost pirates
dig it, dig me
Phantoms lure the evil lady
to slay your world famous other
do you hear this line's clue save me
I may be the other
World's greatest lover
you're the world's greatest lover
but I've got rabies baby
I'll love you like no other
Rollercoaster Top
A man walks into a knife
learns disillusionment from lack of life
with 4 crappy chords and some gall
wanna change it all
gonna change it all
and have you ever seen
reflexive lyrics on a lyric sheet
a slide down fantasy
to get to the bottom of personality

I'm not a visionary,
change once again in a year
Sensationalistic pop song, not your mothers'
       generational car
       stardom plays on a fear
musical pissings for the boaster
       change once again in a year
sarcastic nonsense rollercoaster
this generation's gullible ear
I talk around a knife
learn some encouragement
from fanship's light
Who'll be the next in line
I can't stop thinking how to stop this ride
for all the chords to come
could I be the one?
could you be the one?
but have you ever been?

I'll tear your head off,

(Rollercoaster, in my oyster)
Damn The Youth Top
It's the youth that don't believe
in the future that they weave
curse the youth with so much wrong
healthy arms just not quite strong
it's the youth who feels the pain
today's model of insane sane
help the youth with so much wrong
there's barely comfort in this song
and Damn the youth of America
and save the truth in America
It's the youth who don't perceive
how simple is their destiny
bad or good is born of choice
living's not just in your voice

We all shine above it
       the earth's too far away

It's the youth who sees the world
an old model and not for you
help the youth who don't believe
in their future's desitny
Antigen Fiend Top
This is a jabberwocky,
revolter's jacquerie
revolver's imagination, subrosa's drag
on the nation
the statue of libertease, drinks
poison daiquiris
mosquito's face sucks the iris, tru
love's herpes virus

I am a helium monster
Emit uranium constants
with misanthropic antenna
T.V. nirvana's dilemma
Alluvium do-si-do
for poetic helix glow
shines martyr cool culture scene
a vulture
Antigen fiend, I'm complicated as an
Dyslexic spite is so random, still read
my mom and madam
An acronym atrophy, your tip is
antigen fiend
I wanna kick on your ass wanna fuck up
your scene
wanna smell all your sass and be your...
I'm sick of trying to rhyme
sick of whining to mean
sick of sick all the time
sick of antigen fiend
The Life Inside Me Killed This Song Top
And so I want to be around
when a bastard merry go round
centrifuges its child soul leaves the
earth a sand caster gold
Gold is for all little worms
to shine their backs from natural germs
these germs I'll spread so infinitely
amnesty or immunity.
The life inside me killed this song,
how I'd hate to string you along.
And so the spider bites the child,
his fangs fall off, he's Oscar Wilde
I'll mix and match analogies,
auteur theory oli oxen free
Can you guess my riddled game?
It's a step beyond antigen fiend
tourist needle or lightening rod
If grunge is dead he's buried
next to God.
And 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, brings you back to
the beatle in heaven
Never bet the devil your head
the gamble for saints is human
will instead
I'm not gonna finish out this song itself
explains all on its own
I'll let you be the last line,
When the sun burns out,
             will I still...?
Buzzard Top
in Holidaze
so many ways they come inside with an
animal's face and animal's taste

over and over
I bend over
with my subtle grace
Tell me the tweaker
I'll be the bleaker
one of the hollowed days
into cameo eyes
the victim lies for a praying mantis ace
who sucks out your face
People prey like cannibals
I'll become an animal
people pray with cannibal's grace

Why do you love everyone
of us all? buzzard race, in disgrace,
I'm the one? Buzzard's all
Aerial Top
So I can breathe
through flesh and reeds
into open ears and between
why do you stare
beyond words? beware
entertainment for the heart

I know you've been afraid every day
but I never knew that you've
been afraid,
every day and I remember...
the pun of the matter
is harder than the move
forced to all that matters
is coming back as 2

why do you curse?
step beyond rehearse
can't you live without heaven, hell
                 or earth?
Never The Best Top
Never the best
Straight to the top
Top of the charts
Drag at the top
Cream of the flop
Never the best chasing the best

In your brain, nobody should
come along
In your heart, everyone fakes
to be strong.
In your sould, you'll probably take this
all wrong.

In your songs.
Chasing the best
Licking your bones
Finger trap hope
Now you're the best
I give you a little piece of my heart.

Now you're the best
A god Laid to rest
Inhaled all the clouds
But no one's around
The answer you face
Weak human race
Is now you're the best
Just like the rest.
Never the Best.
Murder An Angel Top
Aerial row
eyes bestow
what's never told
till ink does fall in time
and reminds from the minds
still trite these words just rhyme
but at the least arteries till heaven holds
the heart
Murder an Angel
(I can't stand for nothing)
with a glance
in a trance
some romance and turn these
inner fears
into weird kind of gears and
all the craze
but Hollywood would never take you
              never break you
and all the righteous rest in peace
and say
Murder an Angel
I will stumble I will fall or
I will drown in alcohol
I will wonder as I choose
and I will be the first to lose
(and I look up to the sky)
what I send to these friends
is the end of my elastic words
that are heard in the dirt of
                all that will be...
(son of the grade
part of a distance
I would grow cold, I never know)...
Madness Is Genius By Design Top
Ultra cool, play the fool, in this run,
bomb the school
but don't call me original
In the sun, I had won
In the run fate has won
but don't call me cynical
Tell me all your secrets darling
they'll come back in time
Tell me I'm deranged, my warning's
Madness by design
In the light, things aren't right
In the night we will fight
but don't call me the slider
In the sun fate has run
In this run I have won
but don't call me vagina
Tell me all your secrets darling
They'll come back in time
Tell me I'm deranged, my warning's
Genius by design.

I'm not afraid.
¡pleH Top
richochet try it's a sin to know
lefty devil-eyed what you can't see
candy coatd lie do you
under stand me? me cause I'm feeling down
but I said little girl, brittle bitch, pick your ass off of the ground.
premenstrual writer's cramp
yes I can relate
so the pop becomes camp a true fake
if you don't like it you can write
                  your own song.

Pleh...Bigwiggers, buttkissers,
pick your lips off of the ground.
Did you know I will go into this
regular world because it is fucked
though something's much better than
dirty hands, sell-out bands,
and all of those critics whose opinion
counts less than some shit in the end.
Music's a band-aid, or a bumble bee.
Does truth devour or stinger's in me.
Is life about being happy or don't mess
       with my day?

Pleh...lazy kids, filthy mouth's, pick your
eyes off of the ground
Lullaby To The Enemy Top
I'll be the belly for your sigh
I'll be the madman you condemned
for crime
labeled an autopsy
A killer can't try to comfort me
A killer can't make apologies.

Please leave me be
I meant all that I did
Lullaby to the Enemy
don't want to be friends instead
Please leave me be
and smother all I am
my spirit will always breathe
I'll be the pussy for your rape
A woman's voice you have to tape
come swallow dignity
Defile a tragedy
I smile on virginity.

(My eyes are a television set, kiss on the
face and place a bet.)
Pretend Top
Blood hits the paper
as tears hit the floor
the world minus 3 now
what good is it for
but why can't I go too?
put me in the ground with you.

Pretend you're alive
Pretend teh world's all right.

I want God's paintbrush
to make others cry
blot out the cheery sun
and blacken the sky

I'm so alone wanna die
Please forgive me if I try.

Pretend you're alive
Pretend teh world's allright,
Oh God I want them back,
and if not then put
        me back.

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