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A story about a man that For Squirrels helped through life Posted by: Scott King on: 2007-01-16 05:10:58 (post a reply)
Hi all, great website here which I just found. After the band's tragic accident in 1995 and when Example came out, I became quite a fan of that album. I had some unexplained link to Mighty KC especially, even though I was not a big fan of Kurt or Nirvana back in the early 1990's. But for some reason this song got to me, got INSIDE me, and it still does, and I'll be honest, it helped me get through some VERY difficult times from 1997 and on. I don't know if a song can save someone's life, but if it's possible, it saved mine, at least the part which mattered.

Fast forward to today, and I read the biography of the band a little closer, and a name which seemed very familiar to me back in 1995, suddenly jumped out at me, with glaring recognition. Timothy Bender. Satellite High School, Class of 1990. Where I graduated from in 1990. I had talked to Tim a couple times (in the context of some academic challenge things and some classes we shared), but we were by no means friends or anything. He was a much more popular bird than I was, but he was also a smart and vivacious person, who was always on that cusp of being too smart to be cool, but still managed the cool part without having to dress like a surfer or ridicule guys like me who were not on the cool list.

I had no idea until today, January 16, 2007, that this Tim Bender was the same Tim Bender I had conversed with when I was but a high-schooler, and that he was helping the band who created the Might KC song, and went through the tragedy soon after. It's been over 11 years, and I finally get it. I finally see why the connection was there, and it makes sense. I know that all the For Squirrel guys have touched me in a way that they can never know, and helped me in a way that I can't ever repay. I thank them for their work, for a song that helped me keep my life on track, even if their artistic work might have been too high a price to pay.

I will not forget the loss, and I would like to say to all that were personally involved in the events from that day, that I am truly sorry for the loss of life and love and friendship. It's amazing how connected we all are, and how oblivious to how the world works people like myself can be. I just didn't know, and I'm sorry it took so many years to realize that I missed Tim's tragic loss.

I will always play the Mighty KC song on September 8, every year, for the rest of my life. I have no idea if that was the song that the band connected with the most, but it is the one that connected with me. If I can keep this song and the band in the heart of even one person, I will do that.

By the grace of God you've gone, and you will never be alone without the sun...


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Re: A story about a man that For Squirrels helped through life Posted by: Chris Jonasson on: 2007-02-01 20:32:21 (post a reply)
Great post Scott. They arn't the most well-known band but to those people who know them they matter all the more...

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